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2021 Blog

Taming WireGuard in eduVPN

WireGuard is a new, relatively simple VPN technology implemented the “right way”. This means, no shortcuts were taken by the developers. Keep it simple was the...


Institute Access Deployment

A number of research and education institutions in Europe, Asia and Africa have chosen to use eduVPN as their enterprise VPN solution. eduVPN has several...


Does it scale?

With the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis, many people need to start working from home. Typically, the use of a VPN is required to be able to keep working. Many...


Uninstall the macOS app

Upgrading from the non-App Store eduVPN for macOS installation to the version from the App Store, a residual “helper service” and some application...

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eduVPN Workshop

In November we organized a two-day eduVPN workshop at SURFnet office in the Netherlands. This goal of the workshop was to bring together representatives of...


TNC18 workshop

At TNC18 a two hour eduVPN workshop was organised. The presentations of this workshop are available below:

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In order to make sure the eduVPN software is safe and secure we’ve asked the Digital Security Group of Radboud University to review our software...

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eduVPN Beta Apps

The eduVPN app for Android was released in January 2017. Recently there are (beta) apps available for Windows and Linux as well. The Windows installers, which...

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eduVPN enables students, employees and researchers to connect securely and encrypted to the Internet from any standard device. eduVPN integrates with the...

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eduVPN integrates smoothly with federation services via SAML and currently most effort is put on creating easy-to-use and secure apps for Android, iOS, Windows...

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eduVPN is an initiative of SURFnet, NORDUnet, DeiC and AARNet to make VPN technology commonly available, by building better and more user-friendly tools...