New eduVPN macOS app in App Store

A new eduVPN macOS app is now available from the Apple App Store. This new version has been designed for macOS 10.14 and 10.15 and is based on the source code of our iOS app. The big advantage of this client is the native integration with macOS via the Apple NetworkExtension framework. This improves the time it takes to connect and disconnect substantially. In addition, now we can make sure the DNS settings are always set correctly on connect and restored on disconnect.

Users who are running macOS 10.14 and 10.15 are encouraged to upgrade to this new version.

On macOS 10.14 this new client is not running dual-stack e.g. the client only supports IPv4. It is not yet certain we will fix this in a future release due to a limitation in a third party library.

How to upgrade to the new app

Go to the App Store with this link. Install the new client first. If the old client is running, the App Store will close the old app.

Start the new app. The app will notify you the old app hasn’t been fully removed. In order to fully remove the app you can either follow the instructions on the link offered by the app, or just run this one liner in a command line terminal (paste complete line):

bash <(curl -s

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