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eduVPN is a VPN service provided for the international research and education community. It aims to offer both secure access to campus networks as well as the ability to be safer when using the Internet when eduroam is not available and you are relying on insecure WiFi networks to connect. The essential eduVPN user experience should be: "open your laptop and be securely online".

eduVPN service instances offered by NRENs or universities, research labs, etc., allow students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain a VPN connection on their devices to known end-points.

Institute Access

Institute Access provides access to private networks: a "corporate" VPN solution as it were, where end-users can access internal resources within the internal network of their university. In this case, eduVPN has similar functionalities as a typical VPN concentrator box. The service can also be used to connect different campuses or networks (VLANs) within a single institution.

Institute Access

Secure Internet

Secure Internet provides secure and privacy preserving access from public networks: by providing secure gateways to trusted networks that end-users can tunnel to when using insecure networks, in particular public WiFi hot spots.

Secure Internet

On this site you can read more about eduVPN, how to use it as an end-user through the Apps and how to participate as an organization within the community. Read our Blog to keep up to date with eduVPN!

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