eduVPN on the curriculum – Building the next generation of developers

Over the last few years, students have played a crucial role in the development of eduVPN.

Since 2016, 14 students coming from Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Radboud University, University of Amsterdam, and University of Twente have worked on eduVPN as part of their bachelor or master. In practice, these students were interns at SURF and worked under the supervision of senior members of the eduVPN team. Some of them continued to work on eduVPN after the end of their internship.

They have helped with Wireguard implementation (server side), obfuscation of VPN traffic, threat detection, monitoring and alerting, improving eduVPN server discovery, reproducible builds of eduVPN client apps, shared Go components between the different client apps, Active Directory integration, preprovisioning eduVPN clients, and redundancy. When their work is not directly integrated, the added value of the work of students comes from the fact that they can explore a particular solution in detail so we get a better picture of what is possible and how it would work.

This has been for example very useful in the case of WireGuard.


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