eduVPN 3.0 is out and now supports WireGuard

eduVPN 3.0 was released on 25 May 2022. This third major version aims to make eduVPN even easier to scale to large organisations with a high number of concurrent users.

In particular, it is now possible to use either OpenVPN or WireGuard for eduVPN connections. As mentioned previously, supporting WireGuard came with challenges. This specific feature has been made possible thanks to a grant by NORDUnet to The Commons Conservancy.

Among other changes, eduVPN 3.0 now supports high availability deployments so it is possible to have a fully redundant set-up.

As new features were added, a lot of attention has been given to simplifying the code. The introduction of a new API means that eduVPN 3.0 has required changes not only to the server side of eduVPN but also to the clients.

For a full description of what is new in eduVPN 3.0, check in the release notes


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